Seminole Park Bench Art


The Historic Kenwood Public Art Committee developed a plan to infuse public art into our neighborhood in 2017. The first focus was Seminole Park, and seven plain benches were transformed into works of artistic delight in 2018.

Current Seminole Park Benches

In 2021, the benches were refreshed with beautiful new designs and two new benches were added for a total of nine to enjoy. Artists include Anna Ayres, Paul Barrera, Deb Cooper, David Foote, Zoe Perez, , Kenwood Kidz, Joy Rose, and Mike Toth.

Photos of 2021

Artist: Martha JOY Rose
Artist: Paul Barrera
Artist: Mike Toth
Artist: Anna Ayres
Artist: Deb Cooper
Artists: Kenwood Kids Design: David Foote
Artist: David Foote
Artist: Zoe Perez

Past Application Guidelines (Application now CLOSED)

Scope of Work:

  1. Create a design sketch and provide color palette for the front and back of the bench, for review by the art adjudicators.
  2. The colors must be primary, secondary, and/or jewel tones, not pastels.
  3. The artist will provide their own primer, paint, and supplies.
  4. Bench cleaning preparation will be completed by volunteers.
  5. The artist will apply a protective coating a year after completion and will touch up as needed for one year.
  6. The City’s Parks Department will review selected designs prior to installation.

Code Compliance:

The art designs must not include letters or words.  There can be no commercial, political, religious, or nude images or messages.


$500 payment will be provided to selected artists upon completion of their bench.  Any donations of design and labor would be gratefully considered and acknowledged.  Historic Kenwood Public Art projects are funded by and through the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association and all donations to public arts projects help fund future planned projects.

Criteria for Selection of Artists:

Artists may submit proposals for any number of benches from 1 to 7. It is the Committee’s intent, however, to use this project as an opportunity to showcase a variety of Artist Enclave and/or St. Petersburg area artists. The proposals will be adjudicated by area arts leaders and member(s) of the Public Art Committee.

Criteria for Selection of Artists:

  1. Imaginative, colorful design
  2. Colors chosen from the defined palette (primary, secondary, and/or jewel tone)
  3. Proven ability to meet requirements and deadlines
  4. Compatibility among the proposed designs


  1. Proposal Submission Deadline: March 6, 2021
  2. Acceptance of proposals: April 3, 2021
  3. Completion of work: May 1, 2021