In 2017, a group of volunteers formed the Historic Kenwood Public Arts Committee to make art visible in our neighborhood. We developed a Public Art Master Plan with goals, objectives, operational policies, and a hefty list of projects.

HKNA Finial Project Phase III – Request For Proposals 

Building on the pioneering efforts which brought 127 iconic Historic Kenwood permanent street signs to the neighborhood, the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association (HKNA) Public Art Initiative (PAI) is launching the next phase of an ambitious project to commission artists to design and fabricate finials to be placed on each of these signposts.  Each will be a unique work of local art.  The overall project will likely take several years to complete.

Deadline for submissions: November 18th, 2022

Download the Finials RFP with all the pertinent information, dates, and contacts.

HKNA Finial Project Phase I

After the Seminole Park Benches, our next project was to commission artistic finials for the top of 16 of the signposts throughout the neighborhood. The chosen pieces were designed by YaeL Kelley, Mike Baker, Rich Pollin, Paul Barrera, Mike Toth, Sallie Hackett Brown, Dwayne Shepherd, William Bryant, and Janna Kennedy.

HKNA Finial Project Phase II

In 2021, new finials will add character to 17 additional street corners. 2021 neighborhood artists include Mike BakerPaul Barrera, Mary Hausler, YaeL KelleyJanna KennedyRich PollinNick RiberaMichael Satino, Mike Toth, and Luci Westphal.

With the city’s new sign ordinance requirements, these new pieces are to be installed at 10 feet on the post instead of at the top. And there’s more to come as we strive to have art eventually on each of the 130 signposts in the neighborhood!

Most of the 17 new finials were installed on Historic Kenwood street corners in time for BungalowFest on November 6th, 2021.