Artist Enclave Guidelines

The following guidelines are summarized from the City of St. Petersburg Artist Enclave Ordinance.

Conducting Business

  • Scheduled appointments limited to 4 per day
  • No appointments between 7pm and 9am unless during an AEHK event


  • Kiln space is limited to 24 cubic feet and kiln size is limited to 8 cubic feet
  • Outside kilns must be set back from lot line at least 10 feet
  • A wall or solid fence of at least 5 feet is required on side of abutting property
  • Use of power tools must comply with the Noise Ordinance

Noise Ordinance

  • Noise that can be heard 50ft or more beyond the property limit is prohibited between 11pm and 8am
  • Refer to City Ordinance Article III Noise Pollution Section 11-6 for more detail

 Signage (City permit requirements)

  • Window signs, wall signs or projecting signs are permitted but must be attached or projected from the building
  • Signs are limited to 1 per building
  • Signs cannot be internally illuminated

AEHK Member Signs (exempt from City permit requirements)

  • Sign size: 12 x 18
  • The sign shall not be internally illuminated. No text, numerals, symbols, logos, or designs greater than 8 inches in height

Outdoor Display

  • Finished products may be temporarily displayed for sale only during AEHK event


  • Classes are limited to two days per week not to exceed 3 hours per day
  • Limit of 4 students per class


  • The number of Artist Enclave events are limited per year so please notify the AEHK chairperson before planning an event
  • There is a limit of 12 AEHK events (individual or group) per calendar year
  • 11 of the 12 limited events are restricted to a single day event. One event may be a multi-day event limited to 3 days.
  • Single day events cannot be sequenced to create a multi-day event
  • Permits may be required depending on the scale of the event
  • Events are prohibited Monday through Thursday excluding national holidays or evenings before national holidays
  • Events must end by 11pm Fridays and Saturdays and 10pm on Sundays
  • Events must comply with Noise Ordinance
  • Conditions will be imposed to reasonably mitigate any adverse impacts (noise, lighting, traffic, parking and waste)

To view the City Codes for an Artist Enclave CLICK HERE.