Richard Pollin

I’ve always had an creative “bent”, being very visually oriented. But, except for lessons in composition in drawing and painting in middle school and highschool, I’m mostly self trained, with a strong interest in the colors and forms found in nature. Prior to moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, I lived in Key West where I found myself surrounded by intense color and amazing tropical foliage. The visually stimulating environment and the generally sensual nature of the island furthered my interests and consequently enhanced my development as a photographer. Conversely,I’ve always been inspired by city scapes: especially large urban environments like Washington, DC, where I grew up, Chicago and New York, and by idiosyncratic and unique geographic locations like Venice, Italy and the northern coast of California. Lately, my focus has been on producing intmate images of friends, and of Florida’s indigenous flora and fauna.

I have exhibited in St Petersburg at The Erotic Cafe, Black Rain Gallery and members’ shows at the Morean, Kenwood Bungalow Fest and the Kenwood Enclave artist’s exchange.

Richard Pollin, Photographer