Matthew Albright

Matthew is a photographer who discovered from an early age that a photo is work much more than a thousand words. Up until the age of two, he was deaf and became deeply enamored with communication through visual aids. He grew up on a 180-acre farm in Pennsylvania and deeply loved nature; always wanting to capture every moment to view later.

He got his first camera when he was 8 years old and could be found taking polaroids of everything, from dogs to the sky. As a teenager, Matt’s father, also an amateur photographer, gave him one of his cameras as well as some telephoto lenses for him to further his skill. He became the photo editor of his high school yearbook and still always loved catching people on film, even when they least expected it.

On a trip to South America, his beloved camera was stolen and he lost the will and the funds to continue photography. As the years went by, he turned his creativity towards technology and entered the field of web design and software engineering.

On the urging of his wife, fellow AEHK artist and former Events Committee co-chair, Laura Albright, he rekindled his love of photography and started sharing his images with the public. From nature to urban scenes, Matt takes images of anything and everything that strikes him.

He and his wife, Laura, bought their home in 2013 which has provided him with a beautiful space for his creativity to come alive. They welcome the community into their home to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and his art.

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