Mary B. Hausler

I’ve been collecting old, now called vintage, jewelry and broken pieces since I was  very young, 5?, 6? I liked the sparkle and movement of glass and crystal and the subtle beauty of pearls, both real and simulated. Frequently, I would take out my tiny collection and admire it, knowing that one day I would find use for my treasures. I started buying more and more old pieces and my collection grew. About 10 years ago I started stringing beads just like everyone else and loved it. I  explored and grew, bending wires, swirling and twirling and winding and incorporating my vintage pieces into completely new and one of a kind, original pieces. To my pleasure and a surprise, other people also liked my creations and called them art.  

I grew up in Pittsburgh and our backyard was a lawn of green grass and red clay holes that I dug. The red clay was fabulous! I made primitive small bowls and vases and dried them in the sun. They broke quickly, of course, and after a few years my interest waned. It wasn’t until years later that I returned to clay by taking a few classes at Fleischer Art School in Philadelphia. I had a lot of fun and learned the basics that I needed. I have traveled over a very large part of the world and the diversity of land I saw and people I met has greatly affected my work, both clay and jewelry. I love the outdoors and spend most of my time outside. My pieces move and flow like the ocean or take you for a walk in the forest, the desert, and the mountains. I can’t wait to see where I go next. 

You can contact me at: or The Hausler Collection on Facebook.