Laura Albright

Laura is a jewelry artist who has discovered that within nature is truly where she finds her inspiration. Through the techniques of electro-forming and lost wax casting, she is able to use organic materials such as leaves, sticks, shells, sea glass etc. to make wearable art. As you look through her work, you’ll find a piece of nature either as the main focal, finding, or inspiration in each piece.

Laura has been around a variety of artists and mediums since she was a little girl. She spent much of her childhood helping her mother collect organic materials for her ceramics. However, she didn’t realize until later in life how much her childhood and young adult years influenced her style of art. You’ll be able to find her published work in the 2017 Spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.

Laura moved to Historic Kenwood from Maryland in 2008. She and her husband, Matt, bought their home in 2013 which has provided her with a beautiful space for her creativity to come alive. She welcomes the community into her home to enjoy a cozy atmosphere, her art, and to learn more about her creative process.

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