D YaeL Kelley

Seeking the Still Point Silence.

I am listening to inner voices, searching for that perfect pure color, that exact line, the precise curve, stroke, movement of the brush.
What do I want from my work?
I want to stand across the room and see truth looking back from the canvas.

My grandmother was a storyteller.  I like to say, I paint stories.

I find my inspiration all around me, in stones, shells, the movement of the air, and in the shadows as they play across the ground. I explore transcendence, inner journeys and earth connections. Working in oil, my method involves layer upon layer of thin glazes, incorporating powdered pigments, gold and silver leaf.  I open myself to the painting allowing it to guide me, like having a conversation. My work is deeply personal, coming from my own journey, but it is the experience that you as the viewer have with the work itself, what you see, what you feel, that is most important to me as an artist.

I believe Art should be passionate, spiritual, political and relevant.

My work explores the Organic through an Expressionist lens. After years of working in a traditional manner, as a portrait and landscape artist, I have intentionally abandon those methods to search for what is beyond the lights. I am following the Hummingbird, conversing with the Mockingbird.

BIO – D Yael Kelley

  D YaeL Kelley lives and works at her studio in the Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood in St. Petersburg Florida.  Selling her first works at age 14, her eclectic heritage: a colonial family with Cherokee, Scots Irish and German ancestry strongly influence her current expressionist works. Born in Ohio and growing up in Florida, she has also lived in England, Arizona and Texas. While in England she attended Suffolk College of Art and Design. Working in the visual arts, museums and in the theatre, her career in the arts spans more than 40 years as a professional painter and arts advocate including working as a certified instructor and demonstration artist for several major arts manufactures which include Crayola Crayons, Winsor and Newton, and Daler Rowney.  She is a past president and artist in residence of the Center for Contemporary Arts of Abilene,Texas, past vice-president of the Texas Visual Arts Association, served the city of St. Petersburg on the Arts advisory committee, the Mayors transition team for Arts and Culture and just completed 6 years on the board of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. Yael has enjoyed many solo shows and group exhibitions throughout her career and is represented in St. Petersburg by Red Cloud Indian Arts Gallery.  Her paintings are in collections throughout the United States, in Central America and abroad.


Art Style:  Painting, Fine Art