Charla Cribb

One of the original Haight Street hippies

Charla Cribb has been a Historic Kenwood artist for more than 30 years. She studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1960s. Her life has lead her along an exhilarating and diverse path that has included being an educator, journalist, musician, singer, nonprofit marketing and special events executive, advocate for the disabled, and graphic designer (so far). Now retired, she directs a free national award-winning children’s activity program in the neighborhood park (Kenwood Kidz), sponsored by the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association.

Charla continues to explore new avenues of artistic expression as a digital artist, creating styles on canvas as diverse as her background. With a great love for children (especially red-headed kids), she is best known for her series of “Ginger Snaps” paintings of red headed children, many harkening back to her own memories of being a kid. Her “Batter Up” is actually modeled on herself as a child.

Charla’s newest adventure is exploring the New Millennium world of digital art, some mixed with acrylics as a new medium of Mixed Media. She loves exploring the fanciful in her art and recently began experimenting with a combination of 3D modeling and acrylics.

Ginger Snaps Studio