Becky Jamin

I started stringing beads about 6 years ago. I made many necklaces and bracelets, but soon, I started to experiment with different materials.

The greater majority of my jewelry creations are now made using recycled and upcycled materials. Many of my copper cuffs, necklaces and earrings are made from the 70 year old copper sheet that was in the original roof of my 1941 bungalow. Making the cuffs is my favorite because I love using the torch and my hammers.

I love the steam punk style very much and use a lot of found objects in my pieces. I collect parts of all kinds of things. Many people give me broken jewelry that I take apart and repurpose. I wire wrap stones and I’m now playing with wire weaving.

I’m always embarrassed for anyone to see my work benches because they are a total jumble of stuff. I just try to put things together until it pleases me.

I also incorporate things like sari silk, leather and lace in my pieces and I do many custom orders.

Art Types: Body Casting, Jewelry