Luci Westphal

Luci Westphal - artistLuci Westphal is a photographer and documentary filmmaker, who grew up in the big sky landscape of the Haseldorfer Marsch near Hamburg, Germany, where she got her first camera at age 8.

After graduating from FSU film school in Florida, she lived in Brooklyn and Berlin and focused mainly on filmmaking, including the documentaries “All God’s Children” and “All’s Well and Fair”. During a few Colorado years (and almost as a by-product of her 7-year-running weekly travel video series “Moving Postcard”), she reconnected to her passion for nature photography.

Inspired by the soothing landscapes and magnificent birds of her new home in Florida, Luci hopes her photos bring joy and inspire people to discover, appreciate, share, and protect the uplifting beauty and healing power nature offers.

Her current focus are two nature-related photo series. “Taking The Outdoors Back Outdoors” features outdoor-ready metal prints of birds, insects, plants and landscapes – drawing special attention to what is around us and can often get overlooked.

“Surviving or Thriving?” is a series of photos printed on wood, showing wildlife and plants in an active context with urban and industrial backdrops.

St. Pete Arts Alliance awarded Luci with a 2022 Individual Artist Grant for her visual / social / biophillic art project “St. Pete Moving Still” – which is slated to have its main event and first exhibit in the fall.

Luci Westphal is currently serving as the Artist Enclave Liaison

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Luci Westphal - Pelican Sunset