Sandy Cromp

I have been living and working in Historic Kenwood for 11 years now as a graphic designer with small business, Sunshine Design Studio. I love my lofty work space here by the window. 

My career led me in different directions from corporate offices to being self-employed for over 10 years now, on and off. This past month, September 2016 Sunshine is officially back in business, living and working out of Historic Kenwood. 

I specialize in logo design and branding, but it just starts there. I can design any type of collateral and print materials, and offer photography as well. I’m also a WordPress developer and have the latest greatest OS system and Cloud software. I’m also a musician and have played the piano since i was 8 years old. That piano sits beside me now, all i have to do is turn my chair to play!

Visit for more and info and my portfolio here, I can also be reached via Facebook message, or at 727-424-8388.