Martin Von Cannon


Martin Von Cannon is an author out of St. Petersburg, Florida. He writes books in the super hero genre, as he read way too many comic books as a kid. Reach out to him and read more of his short stories at his website You can also reach him on twitter @mvoncannon or on other social media (Just look for his name). He is close to finishing book 2 of the Seattle Guardian Series, Another Abduction. Additionally he has two collections of short stories. Super Shorts: Short Stories in the Super Hero Genre. Special Delivery: EMT Services for the Super Powered.




The Seattle Guardian needs to figure out why low-powered Meta-Humans are
stealing medical equipment, where the new Meta-Humans come from, and who
is making all this happen.

However, the Meta-Human thieves melt when they get in a fight, leaving the Seattle Guardian with more questions than answers. An overzealous assassin shows up to get the same answer, only she leaves bodies in her wake. Just when the Seattle Guardian has it figured out, a dragon shows up.
How can our hero get these answers before the people of Seattle call for severe action against Meta-Humans?

Download the free sample and see if you would enjoy this book.

No blaring lights or speeding ambulances. They don’t carry large packs of
medical supplies. But they do save lives of super heroes.

Each EMT has a story to tell. Sometimes they are called to save a hero on the brink of death. Other times they arrive on the scene and have to rescue the hero. Newly minted EMTs use their unique gifts, some might call them super powers, to save the lives of other super heroes. Veteran EMTs stretch their abilities to the limits to not only save other super heroes, but even defeat villains.

This collection of short stories deals with the EMTs of Special Delivery.
They teleport, fly, and even run at supersonic speeds to get to their patients.

Super Shorts Volume 1





What does a henchman do to change jobs? How does a universal translator deal with hand-to hand-combat? Where do the super powered get their uniforms cleaned? There’s a short story for each of these and more. This collection of stories is full of quick to read stories and cover the other aspects of super-powered life. Who cleans up after super fights? What if a team-mate is fed up and wants to change sides? Tired of the clichéd heroes?

Peel the pages of this book and get lost in different lives.